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Hi I’m Skye, you can say I’m your soulful, friendly and warm Intimacy and Orgasm coach. Founder of Evolved Lovers in 2017 & recent creator of Lifestyle with Skye 2021.

During my pregnancy I was extremely turnt off many foods solely protein and bland salads my normal routine which left me feeling lost and confused as in what to eat. I didn’t want to give into fast food  or process foods I craved McDonalds chips (which I never ate prior).  This inspired me to get creative and learn about cooking using whole foods, so bubs could get the right nutrition and I could feel way less guilty. Who doesn’t want to know healthier alternatives to sweets where you body thanks you after! Don’t get me wrong everything in the right balance, I still enjoy a naughty from time to time.

I created this blog is to inspire and to allow you to feel supported whether you are a mamma baking, new mamma or mamma already. Here you will learn about my journey into motherhood with Isla, yummy pleasurable food and to top it off sexual wellness because at the end of the day we are all doing it but very little are talking about it. So let me become your fairy godmother and sprinkle some pleasure your way.

‍First my story in becoming a Intimacy and Orgasm coach. I wasn’t exactly your sexually awoken goddess, in fact many of my relationships failed in a matter of time after the honeymoon fazzled out. I often found myself feeling used for sex, I went along with their desires and in return felt resentful and bitter then Pooth one day I’d leave.

It’s wasn’t until 2016 when one partner told me that I wasn’t in touched with my sexuality during a break up that really left me gobsmacked “what did he mean by that” “could i really be feeling more to what im currently experiencing”. I went searching and found myself went elbows deep in different tantra schools until eventually I found myself in Bali at a 3 day Tantric energy orgasm retreat. It was here I discovered that I wasn’t in touched with my sexuality, I was in-touch with male’s sexuality. I knew what they liked and enjoyed but in regards to knowing my own body and understanding what gave me pleasure well that was non existent.

After healing and reawakening It’s become my mission to grant others the knowledge of how they too may discover their pleasure body so you too can feel raw passion by abandoning your fears and embracing your inner most desires.

Evolved Lovers Membership

Are you ready to take charge of your sexuality and experience a Sexual Awakening?

Feel fully alive in your relationship as we work together to embody Confidence, Pleasure and Connection so you too can live a life with less conflict and full of more raw intimacy and steamy passionate sex!  

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