The mumma behind

Skye is a very soulful, friendly and warm intimacy and orgasm coach.‍

She has always been a sensual individual and has a passion for sharing her knowledge gained from various tantric teachers both overseas and in Australia.‍

She has helped many couples experience blissful joy within their sexual union. With her unapologetic, sexually positive approach she now makes it her mission to grant others the knowledge of how they too may feel raw passion by abandoning their fears and embracing their innermost desires

“I refuse to live in the ordinary world as ordinary women, to enter ordinary relationships. I want ecstasy.”

– Anais Nin

  • Creating safer space Trauma informed ( Shelby Leigh )
  • Tantric Yoni Massage and Lingam Massage Educator
  • 6 week wheel of consent participation (Vanessa) 2021 
  • Wheel of consent online facilitator training (Robyn) 2021
  • Like A Pro, 5 day training with Dr. Betty Martin 2020
  • BDSM KINK & Shibari Educator 2020
  • Approved Awakening Within Foundation Relationship & Sexuality Educator 2019
  • Kundalini Tantra Practitioner Training, Eliyah Tantra School  2019
  • Internationally Certified Holistic Life Coach MindBodyFood Institute
  • Reiki Master,  Karen Trustlove, 
  • Crystal Healing Practitioner
  • Diploma Kahuna Body Worker
  • Diploma of Beauty Therapy

Evolved Lovers was created by Skye in 2017. Through her own personal journey, she has discovered new ways of experiencing ultimate ecstasy by tapping into the body’s natural energy flow. With Skye’s guidance, you too can tap into this.

As a qualified Sex and Intimacy Coach Skye aims to build sexual empowerment, confidence and connection. Her skills, knowledge and extensive experience are woven from a rich tapestry of formal qualifications and training in yoga instruction, energy healing, bodywork and tantra coaching.

Evolved Lovers is a place where sacred energies meet, where we leave our tired, lonely, stressed, empty, fearful selves at the door and purposefully seek pleasure, practice self-love, experience deep and intimate connections, and empower ourselves to discover our true passions.

Let’s reawaken your divine sexual desire.