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I was part of Onna Lifestyle startup in 2017 helping co-create and design the products. I fully trust the quality and authenticity of the brand. The current owner of Onna is a dear friend and colleague.

Originally designed by the NJOY brand, this stainless steel sex toy took the world by storm. Its reputation as the best G-spot toy on the market supersedes itself. Onna’s version is smaller and a little more delicate. Weighty and extra curved, this toy provides you with ample reach and ease of handling when self-pleasuring. Use it for vaginal massage, G-spot stimulation, and juicy penetration with the larger sphere.
This toy will ROCK YOUR G-SPOT & CERVIX into pure ecstasy!!!

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Onna Lifestyle aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Most of their packaging is either recycled or made from eco-friendly materials.

Ship AUSTRALIA ONLY in discreet packaging. There are no mentions of the product’s purpose anywhere.


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