I feel like it’s been awhile since my last post which brings me right back to “I lost my confidence”. 4 months postpartum really hit me and the thing is, I know it hits every new momma at some point during their postpartum and i’m positive that it comes in waves as well. You’re learning to multitask. The life you once had with all the freedom in the world – with no one to take care of other then yourself is long gone. The identity that you once had is not coming back.

The one thing that I’ve discovered is that you get to recreate a NEW YOU.

I’ve been learning to multitask it’s not always easy with ADD. I know in the mornings I have that very first hour:

  • Get up wake my baby, feed, change her nappy and dress her.
  • Quickly get dressed (sometimes sneak that morning shower in prior to the gym although more often it was missed)
  • Make the bed
  • Make my smoothie and put my gym clothes on and leave

I have literally less then an hour to do all this before Isla gets a bit sooky or tired for her first nap. If I take that extra 10mins to get out of bed then I have to wave goodbye to my hot shower that wakes me up and goodbye to the bed being made. Sometimes I achieve this in under 30 mins but there are days i’m exhausted and far from it -Motherhood is tough!

Here are some tips that supported me in regaining my confidence





Some may argue this with the excuse of time poor in the first year of motherhood and trust me I know how time consuming motherhood is. It’s a full time gig! Isla is 8 months and has refused a dummy or a bottle so I’m exclusively breast feeding then counting the minutes/hours it takes to put your little one to sleep numerous times a day/night I get it. However if you can allow some time to pick up a new book if you like reading even if it’s only from time to time, you may find yourself really enjoying yourself and in exchange gain a little confidence boost and feel inspired.






Being a mum usually means many endless hours googling what to feed our babies, finding baby clothes we want to dress them in, what food we can and shouldn’t give them and lets not forget how to even cook them nutritional food that’s beneficial for their development. What style of education or parenting we want to teach them from what games we want to play with them and which toys to purchase each month that we have completely neglected ourselves.

So treat yourself to that new handbag or shoes you’ve been eyeing off, whether it be a new classy or elegant gym outfit or an outfit that represents the new mamma version of YOU. You deserve this and you deserve to feel confident especially after all your incredible hard work of not only birthing your baby into this world, but for keeping them alive. Below I have linked a few shops that supported me during postpartum. You will see Freddy store is of course one and thats because I didn’t fit into any of my pants as my body was slowly going back to normal and I knew freddy jeans were perfect as they are stretchy allowing movement as my body returned.

Franki Clothing  

Freddy store

Aimn – Elegant gym wear


Some mums instantly feel the urge to change their hair to a new colour or simple cut and style and blow dry. Below are my two Perth recommendations and my personal favourites:

@SohuSociety_ Maylands (0414589709)


Atone in Scarborough for all you more natural product lovers


At 4 months I joined a meet up group called surfer mums, which host two days a week! We all meet up and tag each other – one watch a bub/child while the other gets and hour in the water. We call it the hour of sanity then we all head up for a coffee after.

Check out “Meet Up” to find a potential new group or hobby that you may like to start so you can keep your mental health and wellness in check.

If starting a new business venture is on your list of things to do then join your local library (free books for baby’s story time) to access their free online learning Universal classes including topics such as Digital Photography, Photoshop, Pintrest, Adobe Software, Web Development, Graphic Design,Cyber Security, Excel, Powerpoint and Google Analytics.


The first 3 months of a new born were absolute bliss and what many call the love bubble. It was the 4-6 month mark that I felt I totally lost myself, I lost my financial independence. I was guided to lean into surrender by allowing my partner to take care of me, at first this was mentally challenging as i grew up with my parents separated so there were many money stories around me having to work to provide. I found myself fighting the need to work taking my attention away from Isla until many bookings had to be rescheduled due to Isla getting sick. Finding myself back at square one frustrated until I surrendered to motherhood.

It wasn’t until 7.5 months I found myself at harmony, I came to acceptance of the title of just being a Mum. During this process I stumbled across babysparks a membership/app which gives you a daily program of quick short exercises to play with your bub, Allowing me to feel even happier as my time and focus with Isla became quality as we did things together to build her up developmentally.

Prior I found myself a little bored and reaching for the phone, starving of adult conversation. I’m so very grateful I discovered Babysparks and the best thing is the yearly membership was cheap as chips, feel free to check them out.

There are no affiliate links or commissions in this blog other then sharing my journey.

I hope you enjoyed the read . It would mean the world to me if you can leave a comment and share your thoughts <3

by | Oct 5, 2022


  1. Sara

    Thanks so very much for sharing about your journey!

  2. Lisa

    Really great recommendations, thanks for sharing 😊

  3. Jamie

    Love this post! So important to prioritize yourself- awesome that you’re sharing this journey with others and so inspiring that you are able to work on your blog as well- You should be so proud!


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